Monday, April 17, 2017


what mount it is: In the last stretch of the adventure, the protaganist has no other way to reach her destination other then walking. She comes across a vendor who rents out these mounts but theyre all too expensive. The vendor points her to this cheap mount and explains that it gives a hard time to everyone. the protag believes that she can get along well with the mount and takes it.

the function it has: More of a domestic kind of mount. Usually follows orders and is expected to be given treats a majority of the time. If the person riding the mount is rude to it you can expect it to be completely useless to it.

personality of protag: Very calm, always thinks ahead, but she thinks so much ahead that if the situation turns into what she doesn't plan for, she freezes up. She loves animals, but when she says she loves all animals she means just cats. An intern at a hospital. Outspoken. Able to lead others in times of need.